Frequently Asked Questions

This list of FAQs will provide you answers to basic questions about Nutright. If you can't find what you are looking for, please use the contact us page and send us your query.

What is Nutright?

Nutright is preventive healthcare company which helps people lose weight and stay healthy using technology provided by Nutright Mobile App.

What programs Nutright offers?
Are there any medicines Involved in Weight Loss Program?
Are there any surgeries involved in Weight Loss Program?
Do I need to visit Nutright’s office to start?
How will I lose weight with Nutright?
Do you have programs for vegetarians / vegans?
How do I follow Nutright programs?
How much weight can I lose every month on Nutright’s Weight Loss Program?
Is Nutright easy to use?
What is a dedicated coach?
Are these programs safe for people with Diabetes?
Are these programs safe for people with Food Allergies?
How to follow exercise plans on mobile app?
How can I contact coach for support?
Will I be charged for support or consultation?
How do I pay for Nutright Programs?
What is the advantage of paying full program payment?
What is the advantage of paying monthly?
How is my realistic ideal weight calculated?
How is Realistic Ideal Weight different from Ideal weight?
Why is Nutright better than others?
What kind of meal plans should I expect in Nutright’s weight loss programs?